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Albasera Aircrafts History

Albasera Aircrafts cc is a small dynamic SA company with offices and primary workshop assembly facility in Johannesburg conducting the main activity from Panorama Flight Park Airfield south of JHB Founded in 2004 by two enthusiastic south african partner with passion for aircraft and flying, We represent in the Southern Africa Region the best Italian Light Aircraft Manufacturing Company, namely Alisport and FlySynthesis.

This two companies are leader in the sector of Carbon Fiber Technology having booth many years of experience in manufacturing composite fiberglass epoxy resin and carbon fiber components, aircraft, propeller system.and accessory.

Aircraft are imported stripped in container and later assembled at the aerodrome prior consignment, or in Kit form where assembly, manufacturing of some components and construction of the complete machine will be done in the JHB premises. Our main focuses have always being manufacturing with the intention of supply the local and subequatorial market with modern and advanced versatile low maintenance products, safety is the most important aspect of ours business.

Twelve aircraft sold, to date, represent a small number in comparison with the potential possibility to achieve higher sale once a manufacturing of composite facility and small metal component are in operation in SA.

To achieve this goal we have entered into agreement with FlySynthesis for the technological and organizational support in establishing a New Manufacturing Plant in Somerset East in the Eastern Province under the auspices of Blue Crane Developing Agency. this plant will supply the Subequatorial market including export to countries including Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

MW Fly B22 Aeropower

B22 AeroPower is a new generation aviation engine, designed specifically for the Light Aviation sector. Incorporating modern technologies and advanced design, integrating Electronic and Digital system in engine management, after five years of development the final product is a superlative motor incorporating all accessories necessary for its function.