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Single engine, two-seater side-by-side
high-wing monoplane with a metal structure
three versions with 4-stroke engines are available.

ALI SPORT initiated development of the YUMA in 1994 with the goal of surpassing the technical and flight characteristics of existing light S.T.O.L. (Short Take-Off & Landing) aircraft. The project focused on the following design requirements:

  • assurance of an aircraft designed and constructed to the most stringent aeronautical specifications;
  • ability to take-off and land from virtually any field having limited space or obstructions without sacrificing good cruise speed;
  • excellent control responsiveness and harmony;

The techniques and materials used throughout the construction of the YUMA are typical of the certified aircraft industry. For example, all aircraft structural parts are heat-treated and corrosion inhibiting coatings are used throughout.
All aluminum skins are bonded to the underlying structure prior to final riveting.
The use of materials matches the intended application. For example, the cockpit structure is comprised of a welded tubular steel frame providing the very best protection to the occupants, the aluminum used for the wings, tail-cone, and empennage provides for stiff and lightweight aerodynamic structures, and the fabric-covered control surfaces improve response.

The flight characteristics of the YUMA are enhanced by an optimized wing profile and carbon-fiber leading edge slats (Handley-Page type) that directly address the requirements of S.T.O.L. flight. The ability to perform challenging landings in confined spaces is further enhanced by generous sizing of the control surfaces.
These provide exceptional maneuverability and do not lose control effectiveness at very low airspeeds. Additionally, the large flaps permit steep final approaches to facilitate descent over tall obstacles at the edges of an airfield without wasting valuable field length.

The cockpit layout provides both comfort and unobstructed visibility that an aircraft of this type must provide whether used for sport flying, aerial work, or observation. In response to the utility of long flights and range, the fuel system is comprised of two wing tanks and a header tank at the firewall providing a total endurance of up to five hours.
To maximize the results possible with the aircraft, ALI SPORT provides its clients with complete technical assistance and a specialized flight training program to both refine the pilot’s flying techniques and make full use of the YUMA’s capability.

The training includes off-field take-offs and landings on difficult terrain, obstacle clearance, mountain flying, plus unusual attitude recovery and emergency procedures. The school gives the pilot intimate knowledge of the aircraft and fully addresses all aspects of flight safety.


Wing span:
9,75 m

Cabin width:
1,18 m
6,45 m

2,45 m

2,00 m
Wing area: 
13,4 m2
Aspect ratio:
Empty weight:
282 kg
Maximum takeoff weight:
450 kg
Wing loading:
33,5 kg/m2


Rotax 912 UL
(80 HP)
Rotax 912 ULS
(100 HP)
Rotax 914 UL
(115 HP)
Maximum speed:
175 Km/h
185 Km/h
195 Km/h
Cruise speed 75%:
150 Km/h
160 Km/h
170 Km/h
Stall speed (without flaps):
55 Km/h
55 Km/h
55 Km/h
Stall speed (with flaps):
50 Km/h
50 Km/h
50 Km/h
Rate of climb:
6 m/s
8 m/s
10 m/s
Takeoff distance
(with 1 person):
40 m
30 m
30 m
Takeoff distance (full load):
45 m
40 m
40 m
Landing distance:
55 m
55 m
55 m
Max ceiling:
5000 m
5000 m
7000 m
Fuel capacity:
85 l
85 l
85 l

Endurance with max payload at cruise speed 75%(5000 rpm):

5,2 h
4,5 h
4,1 h